I'm Janelle Forbes, a Canadian senior design student bringing fearless design to the spaces where we live, work and play.

I am a hopeless optimist, a believer in serendipity and a designer who values empathetic design through honest dialogue and communication. I forged these values during my university experience completing my degree in sociology, which allowed me to slow down and invest time in understanding others' needs, behaviours, and culture and how they encounter and interact with the world.


My creative process is described as living at the crossroads of user research, strategy, and design, combining my insights beyond simple visual aesthetics into meaningful interactions.

Photographing my travels worldwide also allowed me to expand my creativity while adding new skills to my creative arsenal. I enjoyed learning and discovering the emotional connections between people and their products, the services they use, and the organizations, ideas, and communities they support.


My goal is to help companies discover new markets and ways
to create rich experience-driven interactions between consumers and their products and services.

Bucket List

Travel All The Caribbean Islands (Halfway There!)


+ The Futur Graphic Design

& Business Academy (Online)

Journey to Anime Capital

in Tokyo, Japan (On Stand-By)

+ Association of Registered Graphic Designers (Canada)

Solo Kayak Adventure to Glacier (Mission Complete!)

+ Graphic Design Program Advisory Committee (PAC)